Traversing Tradition: Exploring the Foundations

The modern world is rapidly changing, with transformations that affect all facets of life including family, the economy, the environment, war, politics, and religion. Understanding how the world operates allows us to take ownership of who we are, why we think the things we do, and why we do the things we do. Failing to understand modernity is like being the passenger in a car, … Continue reading Traversing Tradition: Exploring the Foundations

الإنشقاق عن الحداثة

تفتح التلفاز أو أي موقع تواصل اجتماعي مثل تويتر، وترى نقاش الناس حول مقطع فيديو، أو حدث سياسي ، أو مقال في أحدى المجلات فأينما تنظر، تجد رأي وفكر مختلف، وهذا يسبب كثير من الجدل. ولكن قبل التعليق على أي شئ، علينا أن ندرك أولا ما هو النظام الفكري والإيديولوجي الذي نستعمله لتحليل أي موضوع. وعلينا أن ندرك أيضا أن بعض الأنظمة الفكرية هي صناعة … Continue reading الإنشقاق عن الحداثة

Artificial Intelligence and What It Means To Be Human

You’ve probably seen the videos. A robot walking or crawling around, sensing its environment and figuring out how to do human-like tasks, such as opening doors. They’ve even learned how to do back flips now. The videos go viral on social media every few months, along with terrified reactions about how “the robot overlords are coming,” “we might as well submit now,” and so on. … Continue reading Artificial Intelligence and What It Means To Be Human

Intelligence artificielle et ce que signifie être humain

Vous avez probablement vu les vidéos. Un robot qui marche ou qui rampe, appréhendant son environnement et effectuant certaines tâches à la manière d’un être humain, comme ouvrir des portes. Ils ont même appris à faire des back-flip. Ces vidéos sont devenues virales sur les réseaux sociaux en quelques mois, accompagnées de réactions terrifiées sur la façon dont « le règne des robots arrive », … Continue reading Intelligence artificielle et ce que signifie être humain

Modernity: Why Dissent?

Picture this: You turn on the TV or scroll through your Twitter timeline and see people discussing a viral video, recent political development, or editorial in a major newspaper. Everywhere you look, someone has a hot take to give, and heated debates undoubtedly follow. Or this: Your uncle has a severe heart attack. Your family anxiously rushes him to the hospital, but thanks to advances … Continue reading Modernity: Why Dissent?