Islamic Studies Academics Must Know Arabic

Islamic Studies academics have recently taken to social media to critique certain aspects of their field. One major criticism was that Islamic Studies academics are constantly projecting various theories onto Islam without justifying why they are doing so. Although this assessment was ironically made by an academic that has fallen into the same trap via projecting Schuonian Perennialism onto Islam, the critique stands. The discussion … Continue reading Islamic Studies Academics Must Know Arabic

Don’t Violate the Rights of the Poor: A Guide to Doing Zakat Right

Muslims normally pay their Zakat in Ramadan. The holy month is a sanctuary, in which good deeds and bad deeds alike weigh immeasurably more heavily. Zakat, Islam’s obligatory alms, demands that anyone with sufficient wealth must discharge a portion of it as a form of purification. It is a khass (specific) command, separate to the general encouragement to give in charity. This means that, like … Continue reading Don’t Violate the Rights of the Poor: A Guide to Doing Zakat Right

Ramadan Traditions in the Casbah of Algiers

While traveling is not feasible during the coronavirus pandemic, a strong imagination can take us anywhere we want. The casbah (citadel) of Algiers offers a meaningful way to reflect on the Ramadan traditions of the pre-colonial Maghrib.  Before the arrival of the French and even under their rule, women scrubbed the walls of their house and tied raffia— fiber from palm tree leaves— to the … Continue reading Ramadan Traditions in the Casbah of Algiers

The Halal Food Industry

A Book Review of Halal Food: A History by Boğaç Ergene and Febe Armanios As we fast through the month of Ramadan, we should pause to reflect on our relationship with what we consume. There are many conditions and restrictions during this month: what, when, with whom, how much, and where we eat comprise the dietary contours of fasting Muslims. As the “State of the … Continue reading The Halal Food Industry

L’aspect esthétique de la loi islamique

In English Lorsqu’il est question de la loi islamique, en particulier dans un contexte propice à la polémique, elle est habituellement abordé d’un angle moral ou pratique. Ceux qui embrassent ses vertus tiennent un discours de ce genre : Dieu étant notre créateur, nous lui devons obéissance (aka argument moral); et ses injonctions sont celles qui conviennent le mieux à notre nature humaine (aka, observation … Continue reading L’aspect esthétique de la loi islamique

Hindu Nationalism: History, Ideology, Nation

The Scourge of Indian Islamophobia In an age of unprecedented anti-Muslim lynching and violence against minorities in India, Islamophobic bigotry extends its arms into modern Indian State figures. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath—who stated in 2015 that he would (if given the chance) install Hindu idols in every Indian Mosque—is a key example of this. In an undated video from 2014, he stated “if … Continue reading Hindu Nationalism: History, Ideology, Nation

The Coronavirus: A Muslim’s Perspective

This current pandemic and global crisis brought about by the novel Coronavirus strain has been a source of panic and worry for many, but it is also an opportunity for great reflection. There are important parallels between the necessary steps to combat the spread of COVID-19 and our Islamic tradition. God-willing, we can take advantage of social distancing to deeply appreciate our religion in ways … Continue reading The Coronavirus: A Muslim’s Perspective

The Stumblings of Stoicism

A Muslim Critique The ancient Greek philosophy of Stoicism has been making headway over the past decade as a new-age movement of sorts. Founded by the merchant Zeno of Citium in the third century BC, this alternative to organized religion for “living in the moment” has been the topic of Ryan Holiday’s writings (The Obstacle is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into … Continue reading The Stumblings of Stoicism

Ethics and Reproductive Technology

A Book Review of Ethics of Assisted Reproductive Medicine: A Comparative Study of Western Secular and Islamic Bioethics by Dr. Sharmin Islam In the summer of 2019, I had the privilege to spend a few weeks attending the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) summer program. There, I chose gene-editing as my topic of interest and in an effort to find relevant English-language works was … Continue reading Ethics and Reproductive Technology

Minority Educational Issues in India

India is globally known as a diverse country. Diversity is its chief characteristic. Thousands of languages, countless  cultures and practices, different religions and faiths; every state and every district in the country boasts its uniqueness. The slogan “unity in diversity ” is a badge of honor especially given to India. Yet with all its uniqueness and elegance, there are many serious crises that need to … Continue reading Minority Educational Issues in India