Traversing Tradition is a registered non-profit online publication founded in February of 2018 with the goal of serving as the premier platform for normative Sunni Muslims to engage in a global exchange of knowledge, ideas, heritage, art, and theories of engagement with various contemporary problems. We strive to connect Muslim scholars, academics, and educated laypeople operating within our theological boundaries to ultimately present the world with a resource consisting of valuable intra- and inter-religious dialogue.

Our Mission

The Islamic tradition was beautified and fortified through an exchange of ideas contemporarily and across the ages via voluminous works, brief commentaries, reformulations, oral transmissions, and other forms of engagement. Our mission is to tap into this heritage by serving as a bridge to connect the Sunni Muslim world to consolidate an exchange of ideas and ultimately promote intellectual development among the thinkers of our time.

Editorial Disclaimer

Material published by Traversing Tradition is meant to foster scholarly inquiry and rich discussion. The views, opinions, beliefs, or strategies represented in published articles and subsequent comments do not necessarily represent the views of Traversing Tradition or any employee thereof. Articles on this site may be redistributed in other non-commercial publications after contacting the editorial team.