Legal Pluralism Within International Commercial Law

At the heart of how much of the Muslim-majority world regulates its financial and banking laws, Islamic contract and commercial law extends globally. In 2008, Islamic banks globally held about $250 million dollars (1). Less than half a decade later, Islamic banks held over $1.50 trillion. Indonesia, Qatar, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Turkey made up 78% of the international Islamic banking assets within commercial banks … Continue reading Legal Pluralism Within International Commercial Law

On Spiritual Humility

Muslims are superficially familiar with the concept of spiritual humility. Our elders often scold us and remind us of the virtues of humility. Nonetheless, a question that is rarely answered (or even asked) is how does one attain spiritual humility? Even further, what is humility? What role does our self-esteem play? The scarcity of these questions and their answers are reflective of the scarcity of … Continue reading On Spiritual Humility

Eid through the Looking Glass

With the birth of a new moon marking Shawwal, the tenth month in the Islamic calendar, the time for Ramadan has waxed and waned, and it is now the holiday of Eid ul-Fitr or Celebration of the Feast. The words themselves conjure scenes of joy and festivity, with tables adorned with aromatic, mouthwatering treats and animated by a carousel of loved ones. These scenes are … Continue reading Eid through the Looking Glass

God is not a Bank

One of the pitfalls of contemporary religiosity is a misunderstanding of God’s relationship with human beings. Our conception of God is essential to how we treat religious obligations and life in general. Understanding God as an indifferent “clock maker,” who doesn’t care about our daily lives, breeds apathy towards the question of whether He even established commands for humans to follow, leading one to live … Continue reading God is not a Bank

Ramadan: The Month of Anti-Imperialism

En Español Muslims have grown accustomed to living in a perpetual state of defense as the price of their existence, readily deploying explanations for their religious and cultural practices. This may well be an acceptable and even advisable transaction to keep the peace in diverse modern societies, but with the holy month of Ramadan underway, one cannot ignore the distinctly modern tinges in the explanations … Continue reading Ramadan: The Month of Anti-Imperialism

Islamic Creed in a Secular World

En Français Muslims often struggle to explain the crises of faith evident in the coming generation. “They need to pray more” or “they’re being ungrateful” are common, dismissive answers, which reduce crises into a damaging platitude. What is prayer without knowledge? What is gratitude without awareness of whom one should thank? These questions affirm that Muslims today face the loss of our connection with ‘aqida … Continue reading Islamic Creed in a Secular World

Ramadan: The Month of Qur’an

En Español ﷽ It was in the month of Ramadan that the Qur’an was revealed as guidance for mankind, clear messages giving guidance and distinguishing between right and wrong… [2:185] As we witness another Ramadan and receive its multitudinous gifts – those tangible and those intangible – it is incumbent for us to reflect upon the centrality of the Glorious Qur’an in this sacred month, … Continue reading Ramadan: The Month of Qur’an

Acknowledging The Role of Scholarship

Beyond a collection of facts, knowledge transcends the tangible and quantifiable. It is both production and consumption, providing structure, methodology, and substance: the sum of generations of thinkers, teachers, and students. The authority to transmit knowledge is reserved to those who have extensively studied and practiced it. Expertise within a field is a rare blessing and the onus is on laymen to take knowledge from … Continue reading Acknowledging The Role of Scholarship