Ideology and Globalization

Defining “ideology” is a burdensome feat, as the term is used in a plethora of diverse contexts. Friedrich Engels, a prominent German philosopher, used the term to refer to abstract ideas that were independent of tangible existence. Later, Marxists described it as a malicious veil blinding the masses to the reality of their exploitation. Ultramodern colloquial usage takes a simpler approach by imposing the term … Continue reading Ideology and Globalization

Dostoevsky’s Strange Ideas and the Modern Terrorist

While nothing is easier than to denounce the evildoer, nothing is more difficult than to understand him. [1] ​The quotation above is less a reflection of what Fyodor Dostoevsky (1821-1881) actually said — as it remains unverified but frequently cited — but more of what the Russian author’s novels continue to offer us: an understanding of the evildoer. His novel, Crime and Punishment, is known for … Continue reading Dostoevsky’s Strange Ideas and the Modern Terrorist

الإنشقاق عن الحداثة

تفتح التلفاز أو أي موقع تواصل اجتماعي مثل تويتر، وترى نقاش الناس حول مقطع فيديو، أو حدث سياسي ، أو مقال في أحدى المجلات فأينما تنظر، تجد رأي وفكر مختلف، وهذا يسبب كثير من الجدل. ولكن قبل التعليق على أي شئ، علينا أن ندرك أولا ما هو النظام الفكري والإيديولوجي الذي نستعمله لتحليل أي موضوع. وعلينا أن ندرك أيضا أن بعض الأنظمة الفكرية هي صناعة … Continue reading الإنشقاق عن الحداثة

Le Prétexte Laïque: L’État en tant que Divinité

Avec les avancées technologiques et les informations qui nous arrivent dessus à une vitesse délirante, nous faisons face à un assaut de questions éthiques importantes. De l’impact des politiques économiques sur les communautés locales, en passant par les débats et législations sur la liberté d’expression, jusqu’à l’origine et le caractère sacré de la vie humaine, nous voyons les politiciens traiter des questions qui mettent en cause, … Continue reading Le Prétexte Laïque: L’État en tant que Divinité

Envisager la politique au delà de la gauche et la droite.

La multitude de courants politique de l’ère moderne révèle une profonde incertitude ontologique dont on nous a promis qu’elle n’allait jamais se produire. On nous a vendu l’idée qu’en rejetant la révélation divine, supposée être la marmite d’où provenaient l’hostilité et la division, nous trouverions l’harmonie sociale. Au lieu de Dieu, nous étions censés adopter la raison et les idéologies fruit de la raison humaine, qui auraient … Continue reading Envisager la politique au delà de la gauche et la droite.

تحليل الإعجاز العلمي في القرآن

بالدخول على شبكة الإنترنت، نجد الكثير من المواد الإعلامية تتحدث عن الإعجاز العلمي في القرآن. هناك مؤسسات دعوية مهتمة بنشر هذه المعجزات وإثبات حقيقة دين الإسلام بهن. لكن هذا الأسلوب مليء بالتناقضات، وفي خلاف مع تفهيم علماء التفسير للقرآن الكريم. بعض الأمثلة: يقول القرآن أن الأرض مفلطحة يذكر فى القرآن الصفائح التكتونية يصف القرآن نظرية الإنفجار العظيم يصف القرآن دورة المياه على الأرض يذكر القرآن … Continue reading تحليل الإعجاز العلمي في القرآن

Tasawwuf as Islamic Existentialism: A Meditation

Existence is a strange thing. While it permeates all that is and all that we experience, it eludes our grasp. Existence is the very ground upon which humanity stands and subsists. This ontological realization is known as existentialism. It concerns what it means to exist and its associated consequences, our freedom as beings in the world with intentionality, or even the constraints of our freedom … Continue reading Tasawwuf as Islamic Existentialism: A Meditation

Envisioning Politics Beyond Left and Right

Modern politics is characterised by a multitude of political differences. This reveals a profound ontological uncertainty we were promised would not happen. We were sold the idea that with the rejection of divine revelation, supposedly the cauldron of hostility and division, we would find social harmony. Instead of God, we would embrace Reason and man-made ideology which would end all strife and hardship and usher … Continue reading Envisioning Politics Beyond Left and Right

Artificial Intelligence and What It Means To Be Human

You’ve probably seen the videos. A robot walking or crawling around, sensing its environment and figuring out how to do human-like tasks, such as opening doors. They’ve even learned how to do back flips now. The videos go viral on social media every few months, along with terrified reactions about how “the robot overlords are coming,” “we might as well submit now,” and so on. … Continue reading Artificial Intelligence and What It Means To Be Human

The Incoherence of Modern Reformists

The modern era, with the ethical conundrums it bears, understandably causes people to search for answers that speak to their present condition. To this end, countless new movements have appeared laying claim to “true” Islam. Qur’anists, Perennialists, Qadianis, Progressives, and various new political movements are but a subset of this phenomenon. Most of these groups market themselves as either a “revival” or “reformation” of Islam … Continue reading The Incoherence of Modern Reformists