The Stumblings of Stoicism

A Muslim Critique The ancient Greek philosophy of Stoicism has been making headway over the past decade as a new-age movement of sorts. Founded by the merchant Zeno of Citium in the third century BC, this alternative to organized religion for “living in the moment” has been the topic of Ryan Holiday’s writings (The Obstacle is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into … Continue reading The Stumblings of Stoicism

Ethics and Reproductive Technology

A Book Review of Ethics of Assisted Reproductive Medicine: A Comparative Study of Western Secular and Islamic Bioethics by Dr. Sharmin Islam In the summer of 2019, I had the privilege to spend a few weeks attending the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) summer program. There, I chose gene-editing as my topic of interest and in an effort to find relevant English-language works was … Continue reading Ethics and Reproductive Technology

البحث عن التوازن بين النسوية ومنتقديها

In English كوني إمرأة، انجذبت لدعوات العدالة والمساواة بين الجنسين و احسستها مسؤوليتي أن اتخذ رأيًا عن الحركة النسوية. قالوا النسويون و .النسويات: كيف يستطيع أحد أن يدعم الظلم وعدم المساواة؟ وطرحت النسوية كالحل الوحيد، مع تبقي فقط إنتمائي إليها لكن بحثت عن النسوية وقواعدها وأفكارها، ووجدت أسئلة أكثر من الإجابات. وجدت غموض في تعاريف المصطلحات، رأي سطحي للتاريخ، واختلافات بين القادة. كل هذا اضطرني … Continue reading البحث عن التوازن بين النسوية ومنتقديها

Reviving Writing

This article is a follow-up to the previous week’s piece “The Lost Art of Writing”. The Print Culture and Dar al Islam A brief gloss on print culture would be instructive in understanding the historical relationship between oral cultures and the written word. The Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan’s  (1911 – 1980) The Gutenberg Galaxy (1962)—a study of “print culture” in pre-modern Europe through Gutenberg’s innovations— … Continue reading Reviving Writing

An Introduction to Kalam

As the Muslim world once again becomes safe for Madhahib, or Sunni legal schools of thought, the next ‘elephant in the room’ must be addressed: creed. Muslim creed is probably the most hotly debated subject in modern Muslim history. Historically, most debates regarding Muslim creed were between Ahl al-Sunnah wal Jama’ah (Orthodox Sunnis) and heretical groups. Today, the debates focus on who constitutes Ahl al-Sunnah … Continue reading An Introduction to Kalam

An Introduction to Postmodernism and its Implications

One of the most convoluted paradigms of thought to emerge throughout recorded intellectual history is postmodernism. Postmodernists themselves take pride in Jacques Derrida’s elusive and difficult writing style, presenting it as a protest against elitist standardization of writing [1]. Derrida is considered the founding father of deconstructionist philosophy and one of the main figureheads of postmodernism. A French Jew born and raised in Algeria, his … Continue reading An Introduction to Postmodernism and its Implications

Rekindling Muslim Scholastic and Spiritual Consciousness

A Book Review of Sea Without Shore by Shaykh Nuh Ha Mim Keller The depth and breadth of the Islamic tradition is beyond comprehension, with countless transformed souls having carried the torch of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ since his passing from the physical world. Technical names for the sciences of Islam based on the Hadith of Jibril took firm grounding, with Islam, Iman, and Ihsan becoming … Continue reading Rekindling Muslim Scholastic and Spiritual Consciousness

L’importance de la croyance dans notre époque

In English Bismillahi ar-Rahmani ar-Rahim Les musulmans ont souvent du mal à expliquer les crises de foi qui se manifestent dans la génération à venir. «Ils ont besoin de prier davantage» ou «ils sont ingrats» sont des réponses courantes et dédaigneuses, qui réduisent les crises à une médiocrité dommageable. Qu’est-ce que la prière sans connaissance? Quelle est la gratitude sans conscience de qui on devrait … Continue reading L’importance de la croyance dans notre époque

Reconsidering the Liberal Asylum

In recent years, the right wing’s increased outward animosity towards Islam and Muslims has driven Muslims to become disillusioned with the conservative Republican party. Muslim immigrants to the United States used to disporportionately vote republican in the years preceding 9/11. George W. Bush’s campaign made calculated attempts to win over Muslims. Analysts attribute this behavior to republican politician Grover Norquist stating that because Muslims are … Continue reading Reconsidering the Liberal Asylum

Déconstruire l’argument des miracles scientifiques du coran

In Englishبالعربية Aller à la mosquée et trouver des brochures de livres sur les « miracles scientifiques du coran » est devenu une chose banale. Beaucoup de prédicateurs, apologistes, ou encore même de musulmans du quotidien qui font de la dawah, continuent d’utiliser cet argument afin de prouver que l’islam est la « vérité ». Ils continuent étrangement à utiliser ce genre d’argument malgré toutes … Continue reading Déconstruire l’argument des miracles scientifiques du coran