Breathe.  Gather the winds and make them plead,  Bring cirrus, stratus, and nimbus into thee,  Breathe.  Until thy lungs are ruptured and sore,  Stoke the fire in thy belly, make it roar,  Breathe.  And leave no room for doubt,  Breathe with certainty inside and out,  And bring the heavens to a halt in one clean shout,  Breathe.  With the word that freed the Habashi,  That … Continue reading Exhale

A Ballad for the Beloved, the Moon

Wander along the trail of submission, oh child of grief and loss.There you shall find what you seek most dear,engaged in remembering the Beloved: The Moon,who rose amongst the desert tribes,bathing the Arabian peninsula.The creation rejoiced as his light transpired,enveloped with the wisdom in Hira. Yet evil endures in the hearts of men,when the Self is crowned supreme.Thus the Moon was scorned in his call … Continue reading A Ballad for the Beloved, the Moon