Indonesia’s Moderate Islam Forum and the BJP

On Friday, August 26, 2022, The Print published an article regarding a summit planned by the largest Muslim organization in Indonesia, home to the world’s largest population of Muslims, hoping to “quell the ideas of radical Islam and extremism and promote moderatism.” Language like this already rings alarm bells, considering the notorious Prevent and Countering Violent Extremism (CVE)’s strategy of delineating arbitrary markers of radicalization, and entrapping Muslims under what becomes effectively a police state. The nail in the coffin, so to speak, is the presence of a central committee member, Ram Madhav, a BJP politician who once served as General Secretary of the party and is a member of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). The BJP is India’s ruling party, and current Prime Minister Modi was an architect of the 2002 Gujarat massacre of Muslims. Continue reading Indonesia’s Moderate Islam Forum and the BJP

Should Labour be Chasing Hindu Fascist Votes?

In the most recent local elections in the UK, Labour gained a couple of flagship councils from the Tories, including Wandsworth, which had been in Tory hands since the 1970s (including through the Blair years).  However, it lost two councils it had held for some years to the Tories, namely Croydon in the south and Harrow in the north-west. In Croydon, the Labour council has had to make major public service cuts as a result of a financial crisis; in Harrow, the loss has been attributed to losing the local Indian vote. While this was in part due to a crisis involving bin collection, it was also because the local Hindu community considers the Labour party as patronising and too close to Muslims. Writing in the New Statesman,  Kavya Kaushik, noted that the party loses Asian votes once Asians become wealthier (both in Harrow and in other areas with a large Asian vote such as Southall). As one constituent told Kaushik when campaigning there, “you vote Labour in Southall but then you make money, move to Isleworth and buy a Mercedes” then you vote Tory. (The author calls Pinner “Harrow’s Isleworth,” popular with Harrow Hindus who have “made it,” but Isleworth is in a different borough to Southall.) Continue reading Should Labour be Chasing Hindu Fascist Votes?

Al-Sha’rawi and the Neglect of Judgment Day

It is clear from the words of al-Sha’rawi that discussion and observance of the signs of Judgement Day are an essential component of a healthy Muslim consciousness. Most Muslims who have made a slight effort to learn a thing or two about their religion have heard the narration known as Hadith Jibril, wherein the Messenger of Allah ﷺ dedicates a significant portion of his moments in a physical sit-down with the Messenger-Angel to emphasize the importance of knowing the signs of Judgment Day’s approach.  Continue reading Al-Sha’rawi and the Neglect of Judgment Day

LGBT Propaganda Under the Microscope

Earlier this month a university in Ontario, Canada released an LGBT Pride poster, depicting two visibly Muslim women embracing one another. Not only was the poster featured on the Western University campus, it was shared on many school grounds including elementary schools across Ontario. As a result, a petition to have the poster removed was created by Muslims, and garnered over 35,000 signatures placing enough pressure on Western University and other schools to remove it . Most Muslims understand that LGBT behaviors, propagation and association are haram which is the reason for their strong stance against the poster, Alhamdulilah. However, it is critical that Muslims take a deeper look into the LGBT narrative and agenda, such that we save our ʿaqīdah (creed) from being tainted. This article will outline the underlying implications and problems behind the publication and answers why the Muslim community must take prompt action.  Continue reading LGBT Propaganda Under the Microscope

Selective Sympathy and the Clear Racism of the West

Russian aggression in Ukraine has rightly been met with international condemnation. Putin’s aggressive attack on an independent nation is unacceptable and puts the lives of millions in grave danger. However, the response by different governments and the dangerously contradictory narrative has exposed an embarrassing level of hypocrisy. For most, this is not unexpected, but for media that claims to be independent and for governments who are ”leaders” of human rights, the events in Ukraine have exposed their belief in Western supremacy. Continue reading Selective Sympathy and the Clear Racism of the West

The Mashallah Muslims

The loft walls are painted in brilliant pink, on the upper floor of a house nested in a cozy Dallas suburb. Bright cupcakes, cute pastries, and party favors pepper a burnished stall specially designed by a social media event planner. Balloons with “It’s a Boy!”, fill the back corner of the room. Gift bags with the names of all those in attendance sit on a table near the front door. Continue reading The Mashallah Muslims