Intolerance is at the Heart of Liberalism

The incoherence of liberalism is going to need a better defense than the one offered by Douglas Murray.  Liberalism, as Douglas Murray rightly points out in his Spectator piece, is in the dock and subject to a new “cultural revolution.” Murray’s piece reflects an ever-growing pessimism across western societies that the edifice upon which liberalism was built is giving way to a “woke” progressivism concerned … Continue reading Intolerance is at the Heart of Liberalism

الحجاب: ليس جسدي، ليس اختياري

بدأتُ ارتداء الخمار (غطاء الرأس الإسلامي، ويعرف بالحجاب) عندما كنت في العاشرة من العمر. كنت قد تأثرت بصديقاتٍ متحجبات أكبر مني سنًا، وآمنت حينها بأنه الوقت المناسب لارتداء الحجاب أيضًا والعمل بما يقتضيه. وبعد مضي أكثر من عشر سنين مَنَّ الله تعالى عليَّ بالاستمرار في الارتقاء في مسيرتي نحو الامتثال لمقتضيات الحجاب ظاهرًا وباطنًا. إنها سير باتجاه الستر والتصرف بطريقة أؤمن أنها ترضي الله عز … Continue reading الحجاب: ليس جسدي، ليس اختياري

The BJP’s Right to Dominate Kashmir

Sick men flock here from many lands, And go back home in health; But my own men, racked with hunger and disease, Lie dying on my roads … If Mahjoor, compelled by love, Lays bare some bitter truths, The lovers of my beloved land Should not take it to heart! “Naalay Kashmir,” Mahjoor One of Kashmir’s most beloved poets, Mahjoor began his life as a … Continue reading The BJP’s Right to Dominate Kashmir

Reconsidering the Liberal Asylum

In recent years, the right wing’s increased outward animosity towards Islam and Muslims has driven Muslims to become disillusioned with the conservative Republican party. Muslim immigrants to the United States used to disporportionately vote republican in the years preceding 9/11. George W. Bush’s campaign made calculated attempts to win over Muslims. Analysts attribute this behavior to republican politician Grover Norquist stating that because Muslims are … Continue reading Reconsidering the Liberal Asylum

Le Bitcoin et le progrès technique

In English La montée des cryptomonnaies en 2017 a attiré l’attention sur la technologie sur laquelle toutes ces monnaies virtuelles s’appuient : La “blockchain” ou “La chaîne de blocs”. Cette article propose une analyse des raisons pour laquelle elle est devenue si populaire, des problèmes qu’elles résoud mais aussi de ceux qu’elle crée. Qu’est-ce que la Blockchain? On explique mieux la Blockchain en utilisant l’analogie. … Continue reading Le Bitcoin et le progrès technique

Bitcoin and Technological Progress

En Français The rise of cryptocurrencies in 2017 brought attention to the technology powering them, called “blockchains” or “the blockchain.” This article will assess why this technology became popular and what kinds of problems it both solves and creates. What is Blockchain? Blockchain is best explained through analogy. Think of the website of a newspaper like The New York Times. The contents of the site … Continue reading Bitcoin and Technological Progress

Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad on Riding the Tiger of Modernity

Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad, also known as Professor Timothy Winter, is one of the foremost public Muslim intellectuals of this era. Involved in a number of projects, from heading a college in the U.K. to lecturing around the world and authoring works of scholarship and polemics (we reviewed one of his books here), his analysis is worthy of attention. Three years ago, he gave a … Continue reading Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad on Riding the Tiger of Modernity

The Incoherence of Modern Reformists

The modern era, with the ethical conundrums it bears, understandably causes people to search for answers that speak to their present condition. To this end, countless new movements have appeared laying claim to “true” Islam. Qur’anists, Perennialists, Qadianis, Progressives, and various new political movements are but a subset of this phenomenon. Most of these groups market themselves as either a “revival” or “reformation” of Islam … Continue reading The Incoherence of Modern Reformists