Paranoia of Islam in Literary Orientalism

As Islamophobia pervades the world, invading minds and infecting intellect, Muslims have arisen as a target for collective crucifixion and condemnation. It’s a tradition of hate with a hoary past, the complexities of which can be navigated through a sustained investment in critical thinking. Amidst the tumult of the Lebanese Civil War and the Iranian Revolution, the Islamist uprising in Syria, and the Arab-Israeli conflict, emerged Edward Said’s groundbreaking work: Orientalism. The book unmasks how Western literature and scholarship have created a civilizational binary through the presentation of the Orient (the East) as the cultural antonym of the glorious West. Continue reading Paranoia of Islam in Literary Orientalism

Reimagining Politics Amidst the Global Pandemic

As someone allergic to what government authorities have to say, I felt an unexpected change of heart during my three dedicated years of life in studying Public Policy and Management at university. Much to my surprise, I found widespread apolitical behavior in the presumably political environment of the faculty of Social and Political Sciences at my university. Although I saw tragic events like racially-charged police shootings bring about the rise of political expression on social media, political disengagement among the youth is the norm in our everyday lives. What could be the driving force? Continue reading Reimagining Politics Amidst the Global Pandemic

الحجاب: ليس جسدي، ليس اختياري

بدأتُ ارتداء الخمار (غطاء الرأس الإسلامي، ويعرف بالحجاب) عندما كنت في العاشرة من العمر. كنت قد تأثرت بصديقاتٍ متحجبات أكبر مني سنًا، وآمنت حينها بأنه الوقت المناسب لارتداء الحجاب أيضًا والعمل بما يقتضيه. وبعد مضي أكثر من عشر سنين مَنَّ الله تعالى عليَّ بالاستمرار في الارتقاء في مسيرتي نحو الامتثال لمقتضيات الحجاب ظاهرًا وباطنًا. إنها سير باتجاه الستر والتصرف بطريقة أؤمن أنها ترضي الله عز … Continue reading الحجاب: ليس جسدي، ليس اختياري