The Halal Food Industry

A book review of Halal Food: A History by Boğaç Ergene and Febe Armanios As we fast through the month of Ramadan, we should pause to reflect on our relationship with what we consume. There are many conditions and restrictions during this month: what, when, with whom, how much, and where we eat comprise the dietary contours of fasting Muslims. As the “State of the … Continue reading The Halal Food Industry

Religion and the Posthuman Discourse

The proliferation of transhumanist thought beyond science fiction and into the public space seems, at first, a minor ideological and physical threat. Numerous concerns about the implications of transhumanism have been raised, but few regarding religious implications. Cultural anthropologist Chris Toumey notes in his article in Nature Nanotechnology the small body of literature grounded explicitly in Christian values, remarking “I would like to see religious … Continue reading Religion and the Posthuman Discourse

A Diagnosis of the Modern Condition

A Book Review of Commentary on the Eleventh Contentions by Abdal Hakim Murad Storytelling – that’s not the future. The future, I’m afraid, is flashes and impulses. – Dexter Palmer With this quotation does Abdal Hakim Murad open his book, Commentary on the Eleventh Contentions, a collection of one hundred scattered contentions, namely, short phrases and declarations that can indeed most aptly be described as poignant “flashes … Continue reading A Diagnosis of the Modern Condition