A Book Review of ‘The Case Against The Sexual Revolution’ 

Perry’s book is a powerful critique of the sexual revolution, charting its negative impact on Western society. Throughout my reading, I could not help being struck by the raw honesty and piercing insight of her words. In her analysis, Perry exposes the damage inflicted upon the traditional family structure and the values that underpin it, arguing that contrary to popular perception, the sexual revolution was not a liberating force and had many negative consequences, particularly for women. Continue reading A Book Review of ‘The Case Against The Sexual Revolution’ 

Mustafa Briggs’ Beyond Bilal

A Book Review of Beyond Bilal by Mustafa Briggs How did the Yoruba, an ethnic group of southwestern Nigeria, become Muslim? How did Islam gain such widespread prominence throughout Black Africa? Growing up as a Muslim Nigerian-American, these were questions I had from a very young age. In masajid halaqat (spiritual gatherings in mosques to discuss the Qur’an and Sunnah), Islamic elementary and middle schools, … Continue reading Mustafa Briggs’ Beyond Bilal

Critiquing Modernity: Book Recommendations 2022 

The twentieth century and the rise of nation-states and commensurate isms, have propelled societies into an era that is driven by abandonment of God, ethic, and a cohesive worldview that perpetuates meaning. The following list was prepared to give readers the tools to better understand, critique, and provide solutions for the malaise of modernity. Continue reading Critiquing Modernity: Book Recommendations 2022 

Sports as Sacred and Secular Activities

The modern world is witness to how sports have transformed from merely physical (and at times mental) exercises to economic, cultural, and even political forces to be reckoned with… [however] H.R.H. Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad  argues that despite its despiritualized and industrialized form today, the popular pastime of sports turns out to have sacred origin and importance. Continue reading Sports as Sacred and Secular Activities

Reclaiming Islamic History

Famously recommended by former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan, Darul Qasim’s Ustadh Firas Alkhateeb’s book, Lost Islamic History, is a must-add to any Muslim’s bookshelf. Those already familiar with the seerah or well-versed in history likely will not benefit beyond a light review. However, for those like me, who have trouble delineating history between the reign of the khulafa rashidun (righteous caliphs) and our current state (double meaning intended), this is a fantastic place to start.  Continue reading Reclaiming Islamic History

Muslim Influence on Dante Alighieri’s Thought: a Book Review of Miguel Asin’s ‘Islam and The Divine Comedy’

A Book Review of Islam and The Divine Comedy by Miguel Asin [It is not] possible any longer to deny Islamic literature the place of honor to which it is entitled in the stately train of the forerunners of Dante’s poem. [1] One of the most significant impacts European colonization had on its subjugated people was the complete and total erasure of any mention of the literary, … Continue reading Muslim Influence on Dante Alighieri’s Thought: a Book Review of Miguel Asin’s ‘Islam and The Divine Comedy’

Andy Weir’s Artemis: Muslims in Science Fiction

A number of movies in recent years like Dune, Interstellar, and The Martian thrust science fiction back into the media-consumer American consciousness. Andy Weir, the author of The Martian (which the movie was based on) has become a household name for more ardent fans, and duly so. The Martian and his recent Project Hail Mary are excellent science fiction stories of a man’s last efforts to survive against all odds. Both feature a tight plotline epitomizing the struggle against the forces of nature and humorous narrators. He writes with wit and weaves these tales with remarkable fluidity by contrasting humor with impending doom, and the vast swathes of space and nature with man’s frailty against a backdrop of highly technical ingenuity. In comparison, his 2017 novel Artemis fell short. However, the addition of a Muslim character warrants further analysis and the potential of Muslim science-fiction. Continue reading Andy Weir’s Artemis: Muslims in Science Fiction

Modern Muslim Activism: Returning to the Sacred

Activism is a loaded word. It is a label that ranges from being a commodity used for profit by companies to one that elicits groans at sincere intentions but for the wrong causes. Amidst online discussion of Islamophobia, performative activism, cancel culture, and identity politics, the role of American Muslims comes to light — of what is right and wrong, and the role American Muslims play in establishing justice. what our role in establishing justice is. In response, Imam Dawud Walid offers his booklet Towards Sacred Activism as a corrective. Continue reading Modern Muslim Activism: Returning to the Sacred

Traversing Tradition Book Recommendations 2021

Commuting to and from work, hours have been freed for us to use at our discretion. A common complaint by those who don’t read is not necessarily that they don’t have time, it’s that they don’t know what to read. For some, it has been so long since they last picked up a book that they’ve forgotten what genres they used to enjoy. An easy way around this is to think about what you currently enjoy watching. Whether it’s shows on Netflix, video essays on YouTube or anime on your mate’s Crunchyroll, think about the subject matter and the overarching genres. Continue reading Traversing Tradition Book Recommendations 2021