LGBT Propaganda Under the Microscope

Earlier this month a university in Ontario, Canada released an LGBT Pride poster, depicting two visibly Muslim women embracing one another. Not only was the poster featured on the Western University campus, it was shared on many school grounds including elementary schools across Ontario. As a result, a petition to have the poster removed was created by Muslims, and garnered over 35,000 signatures placing enough pressure on Western University and other schools to remove it . Most Muslims understand that LGBT behaviors, propagation and association are haram which is the reason for their strong stance against the poster, Alhamdulilah. However, it is critical that Muslims take a deeper look into the LGBT narrative and agenda, such that we save our ʿaqīdah (creed) from being tainted. This article will outline the underlying implications and problems behind the publication and answers why the Muslim community must take prompt action.  Continue reading LGBT Propaganda Under the Microscope