Vignettes on Hajj

As the dusty, weary, thirsty pilgrims approach the blessed house they fall into orbit around it, eyes full and hearts yearning, hands outstretched towards the magnetic black cube towards which they prostrate back home. This lonely brick structure in the middle of an uninviting desert, unremarkable save for its symbolism, continues to attract longing souls as readily across space as it does across time: men and women who travel far and wide but to circle it a few times and to gaze upon it for a while before returning to where they came from, touched. What a sight, then, must the Lord of this house be? Continue reading Vignettes on Hajj

You Cannot Guide Everyone You Love: Between Hope and Despair

The greatest gift any person can be given in this life is unwavering conviction in Allah (‎ﷻ) and His Messenger (‎‎ﷺ). However, sometimes those blessed with this conviction can become overly passionate when calling others, especially those closest to them, to guidance. Indeed, one of the most painful things in this world for a believer to witness is the people they love rejecting faith. In this regard, Allah (‎ﷻ) asks our beloved Prophet (‎‎ﷺ), “Are you going to worry yourself to death over them if they do not believe in this message?” (Qur’an 18:6) [1]. Continue reading You Cannot Guide Everyone You Love: Between Hope and Despair