Sports as Sacred and Secular Activities

The modern world is witness to how sports have transformed from merely physical (and at times mental) exercises to economic, cultural, and even political forces to be reckoned with… [however] H.R.H. Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad  argues that despite its despiritualized and industrialized form today, the popular pastime of sports turns out to have sacred origin and importance. Continue reading Sports as Sacred and Secular Activities

The Importance of Being Rugged

Understandably, given the unwanted publicity Muslim women attract in the West as wearers of the hijab, there is a great deal of English-language literature discussing femininity and the role of women in Islam, but a dearth of similar resources discussing masculinity and appropriate male pursuits from an Islamic perspective. InshaAllah, this article is an attempt to level this discrepancy, and reintroduce the long-forgotten artifacts of our rugged tradition into the Western Muslim consciousness. Continue reading The Importance of Being Rugged