Islamic Eschatology and Postmodernity

Islamic eschatology is concerned with the interpretation of prophecies regarding the End Times, including those about social, economic, and political upheaval. In general, postmodernity is a condition characterized by the loss of certainty and epistemic and narrative coherence. It does not take much insight to discover the connection between postmodernity and a growing sense of unease. In contrast, Islamic teachings are anchored in spirituality and offer … Continue reading Islamic Eschatology and Postmodernity

A Critique From Above: A Reflection on Revolts

No time in recent memory has seen ‘violence’ laid bare as much as in our current political moment.  The violence of concern is that of colonial racism – a violence produced by the secular nation-state. Of course, the modern form of lynching visited upon George Floyd is not news to anyone aware of the costs of late capitalism and neocolonialism. Yet, as an Ummah, we … Continue reading A Critique From Above: A Reflection on Revolts

Mughal India: The Role of Law in Life

The Shari’ah is best distinguished from Islamic law. Islamic law, usul-al-fiqh, consists of four separate sources: the Qur’an, Hadith, the consensus of the Islamic community and analogical reasoning. The Arabic linguistic definition of Shari’ah is the “path” to water. Shari’ah is the immutable divine will of God and a comprehensive metaphysical philosophy to Muslims, while fiqh is a tool that Islamic jurists have utilised to … Continue reading Mughal India: The Role of Law in Life

Is Toxic Masculinity Islamic?

A standout moment from early Islamic history is that of Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) who upon being challenged by a woman in a public place, famously declared, “The woman is right, and Umar is wrong.” Muslims, when affirming the position of women in Islam, often repeat this event, which took place when Umar was the Khalifa. The pre-colonial Muslim world is littered … Continue reading Is Toxic Masculinity Islamic?

Deconstructing Western Representations of Political Islam

Introduction There is a spectre haunting the Muslim world, by the name of political Islam. Whether in the form of violent terrorist groups or in the guise of political parties pragmatically using the democratic process to gain power, it seems that everywhere behind the stunted development of Muslim-majority societies is the troublesome presence of political Islam. Observers of contemporary affairs will note Islamic politics as … Continue reading Deconstructing Western Representations of Political Islam

Envisager la politique au delà de la gauche et la droite.

In English La multitude de courants politique de l’ère moderne révèle une profonde incertitude ontologique dont on nous a promis qu’elle n’allait jamais se produire. On nous a vendu l’idée qu’en rejetant la révélation divine, supposée être la marmite d’où provenaient l’hostilité et la division, nous trouverions l’harmonie sociale. Au lieu de Dieu, nous étions censés adopter la raison et les idéologies fruit de la raison humaine, … Continue reading Envisager la politique au delà de la gauche et la droite.

Envisioning Politics Beyond Left and Right

En Français Modern politics is characterised by a multitude of political differences. This reveals a profound ontological uncertainty we were promised would not happen. We were sold the idea that with the rejection of divine revelation, supposedly the cauldron of hostility and division, we would find social harmony. Instead of God, we would embrace Reason and man-made ideology which would end all strife and hardship … Continue reading Envisioning Politics Beyond Left and Right