Legitimizing Indigenous Ancestral Knowledge in American Islamic Discourse

We often limit “Muslim history” to the periods and regions in which caliphates and dynasties were established following the spread of Islam. While this history is important, the history of Muslims is not merely the Umayyads, the Ottoman Empire, or Andalusia. The history of Muslims transcends these borders and valuing its existing traditions in other parts of the world can break down the barrier that … Continue reading Legitimizing Indigenous Ancestral Knowledge in American Islamic Discourse

L’importance de la mémorisation

In English Bismillahi ar-Rahmani ar-Rahîm, al Hamdoulillahi rabbi-l-‘alamîn Une fois, l’imam Ghazali (rahimahullah) était en voyage et alors qu’il se faisait voler par des bandits. Il leur a demandé de lui laisser ses cahiers et ses notes, affirmant qu’ils ne seraient d’aucune utilité pour les voleurs et qu’ils contenaient des informations pour lesquelles il avait déployées de nombreux efforts [pour les obtenir]. Un des voleurs … Continue reading L’importance de la mémorisation

Acknowledging The Role of Scholarship

Beyond a collection of facts, knowledge transcends the tangible and quantifiable. It is both production and consumption, providing structure, methodology, and substance: the sum of generations of thinkers, teachers, and students. The authority to transmit knowledge is reserved to those who have extensively studied and practiced it. Expertise within a field is a rare blessing and the onus is on laymen to take knowledge from … Continue reading Acknowledging The Role of Scholarship