Can a Nonhumanitarian Ethics Address Economic Inequality?

Revolution, often affected through battered souls ambushed by endless hardship, has taken on a romantic flavor in history classes. The possibility and promises of change through democracy dominates contemporary thinking. We are often taught that affecting upheaval in today’s world requires ideological commitment and hardy political maneuvering.  But need revolution be so grand? Maybe change is seeded in the acts so familiar to us in … Continue reading Can a Nonhumanitarian Ethics Address Economic Inequality?

Modern Myth: Overpopulation

Modern Myths is a new series of articles that will deconstruct popular myths that are informed by modernity. This series will first present the myth, analyze and dismantle it from a lens of tradition, and ultimately, offer alternatives in viewing or ameliorating the legitimate challenges associated with the myth. We hope the “Modern Myths” series will enable you to not only question your understanding of … Continue reading Modern Myth: Overpopulation