L’aspect esthétique de la loi islamique

In English Lorsqu’il est question de la loi islamique, en particulier dans un contexte propice à la polémique, elle est habituellement abordé d’un angle moral ou pratique. Ceux qui embrassent ses vertus tiennent un discours de ce genre : Dieu étant notre créateur, nous lui devons obéissance (aka argument moral); et ses injonctions sont celles qui conviennent le mieux à notre nature humaine (aka, observation … Continue reading L’aspect esthétique de la loi islamique

Reconsidering the Liberal Asylum

In recent years, the right wing’s increased outward animosity towards Islam and Muslims has driven Muslims to become disillusioned with the conservative Republican party. Muslim immigrants to the United States used to disporportionately vote republican in the years preceding 9/11. George W. Bush’s campaign made calculated attempts to win over Muslims. Analysts attribute this behavior to republican politician Grover Norquist stating that because Muslims are … Continue reading Reconsidering the Liberal Asylum

The Aesthetics of Islamic Law

When Islamic law is discussed, particularly in a polemical context, it is usually evaluated from either a moral or a practical angle. Those who espouse its virtues tend to say something along the lines of: God, being our creator, deserves our obedience (aka, a moral argument); and His ordinances are best attuned to human nature (aka, a practical observation). Very rarely are purely aesthetic considerations … Continue reading The Aesthetics of Islamic Law