Islamicate Literature — a Tool to Tackle Islamophobia

 Islamophobia is a long standing, deeply entrenched, global issue. Growing bodies of research point to the proliferation of Islamophobia cases across the globe in recent years. It disrupts civil society at many levels, from anti-Muslim policies to heightened tensions and hate crimes, including the increased bullying of Muslim children. One of the core causes of Islamophobia is ignorance, which is often fueled by stereotyped and negative portrayals of Muslims in media and popular culture.   Continue reading Islamicate Literature — a Tool to Tackle Islamophobia


ティモシー・ウィンター教授としても知られるアブドゥルハキーム・ムラド師は「虎を乗りこなす」という表現を用いて、近代性から退却するのではなく、敵対的あるいは友好的なアプローチをもって立ち向かうことを論じた。 Continue reading 近代性という「猛獣」を手懐ける―イスラーム的アプローチ―

Selective Sympathy and the Clear Racism of the West

Russian aggression in Ukraine has rightly been met with international condemnation. Putin’s aggressive attack on an independent nation is unacceptable and puts the lives of millions in grave danger. However, the response by different governments and the dangerously contradictory narrative has exposed an embarrassing level of hypocrisy. For most, this is not unexpected, but for media that claims to be independent and for governments who are ”leaders” of human rights, the events in Ukraine have exposed their belief in Western supremacy. Continue reading Selective Sympathy and the Clear Racism of the West

‘Trojan Horse’ or a British Tradition?

Birmingham, Britain, 2014 — a scandal hit the headlines. A letter was leaked to the press which had been sent to the City Council detailing “Operation Trojan Horse,” a plot by a cabal of Muslim teachers and governors to take over and Islamicize state schools in Birmingham. A national outcry followed, and the government swept into action: the former head of Counter Terrorism Command led an investigation, and several people were banned from teaching. Continue reading ‘Trojan Horse’ or a British Tradition?

Ramazan – mjesec antiimperijalizma

Vratiti duhovnost, kao bedem koji štiti od trčanja za ovim prolaznim životom, zahtijeva da pitanjima vjere i bogoštovlja pristupamo tako što ćemo prevazići suhoparne akademske analize ili kratkotrajne nastupe instant-vjere. Moramo obnoviti holističku filozofiju življenja koju islam nudi i poštovati je kao svoj vlastiti svjetonazor, koji prkosi liberalnom kapitalizmu sa njegovom materijalističkom i utilitarnom etikom. Moramo obodriti pokušaj da se islam stavi u centar našeg … Continue reading Ramazan – mjesec antiimperijalizma

Modern Muslim Activism: Returning to the Sacred

Activism is a loaded word. It is a label that ranges from being a commodity used for profit by companies to one that elicits groans at sincere intentions but for the wrong causes. Amidst online discussion of Islamophobia, performative activism, cancel culture, and identity politics, the role of American Muslims comes to light — of what is right and wrong, and the role American Muslims play in establishing justice. what our role in establishing justice is. In response, Imam Dawud Walid offers his booklet Towards Sacred Activism as a corrective. Continue reading Modern Muslim Activism: Returning to the Sacred

Muslim Women vs. the Hindutva Project

eveloped in light of various Dharm Sansads (religious conferences) organized in several Indian cities by Hindu religious leaders, who called upon Hindus to arm themselves for the wholesale massacre of Muslims. This is no recent development: the agenda for genocide has been gaining traction for a long time now. Most people mistakenly believe Hindu nationalism is the sole proprietorship of India’s ruling party, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), and its ideological parent Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). In reality, however, Islamophobia is embedded within India’s dominant political lingua franca, including the nation’s opposition parties. Hence, it is not surprising that in the latest attack against Muslims (regarding hijab and niqab in colleges and educational institutions) not a single united front of support has emerged from the majority community.  Continue reading Muslim Women vs. the Hindutva Project