Islamic Eschatology and Postmodernity

Islamic eschatology is concerned with the interpretation of prophecies regarding the End Times, including those about social, economic, and political upheaval. In general, postmodernity is a condition characterized by the loss of certainty and epistemic and narrative coherence. It does not take much insight to discover the connection between postmodernity and a growing sense of unease. In contrast, Islamic teachings are anchored in spirituality and offer … Continue reading Islamic Eschatology and Postmodernity

Lust Games

Lust overcomes the one who doesn’t fake itRaising our gaze, staring at the sun nakedThe news reached us about what happens in VegasChasing fame, misplacing our praisesWorking full-time on a week-vacationThe elite play while the weak pay wagesDon’t take our word, because what we say changesThe fox smiles at the hen, he can’t be dangerousAre we getting complacent?Stick an arm and a leg out for … Continue reading Lust Games

المعاناة في صمت : هوية المسلم الجديد

من الأيام الفاضلة من ذو الحجة الى صباح الاعياد المباركة ، نحن نقدر هذه الأيام الهامة المليئة بالعبادة، والتجهيزات الاحتفالية واللحظات المشتركة التي من ضمن ثقافة المسلمين عبر المجتمعات. المسلمون في الغرب- خاصة المهاجرون وأهالي المهاجرون- يتذكرون الأعياد الدينية التى قضيت  في بلادهم ويشتاقون لصنع وإعادة هذه اللحظات في وطنهم الجديد. في نفس الوقت طرح هذه الأهمية على ترتيباتهم الخاصة قد تأخذ الانتباه من مساعدة … Continue reading المعاناة في صمت : هوية المسلم الجديد

Fazlur Rahman as a Modern Mutakallim

A Book Review of The Theological Thought of Fazlur Rahman: A Modern Mutakallim by Ahad M. Ahmed Fazlur Rahman (1919-88) was “a notable scholar of Islamic philosophy and an important liberal Muslim thinker of the twentieth century,” who is considered “to be amongst the most influential Muslim modernists in both the Western and Muslim worlds.” This is how Ahad Ahmed introduces this famed Pakistani-American scholar of … Continue reading Fazlur Rahman as a Modern Mutakallim

Diasporic Wanderlust: Sh. Abdal Hakim Murad’s “Travelling Home”

A Book Review of Travelling Home: Essays on Islam in Europe by Abdal Hakim Murad There is something strange happening in the Western world. Across hardly a half-century, religious observance in the West has not merely slackened, but vanished. The sudden decline of organized religion throughout Western civilization has been so precipitous, so staggering, that it in fact lacks any sort of parallel throughout history, … Continue reading Diasporic Wanderlust: Sh. Abdal Hakim Murad’s “Travelling Home”

Ayasofya: The Dagger Removed

‘’Either I will conquer you or you will conquer me”; this sentence, uttered by Fatih Sultan Mehmet, referred to Istanbul. This city has a subtle connection with the sacred Islamic cities of Mecca and Jerusalem; the qibla (direction of prayer) in Istanbul is towards both the Ka’ba and Al-Aqsa. For us Muslims, it is a beautiful blessing to face both the first qibla in Islam … Continue reading Ayasofya: The Dagger Removed

Has Religion Made a Comeback?

Giant Turtles, Big Bang Cosmology, and the End of Materialism I remember sitting in my world history class as a nine-year-old learning that the silly and primitive people of the past used to believe that the earth rested on a giant turtle. I vaguely recall being taught that these simple and primitive people used this turtle to explain earthquakes: anything that sits on the back … Continue reading Has Religion Made a Comeback?