Lust Games

Lust overcomes the one who doesn’t fake it
Raising our gaze, staring at the sun naked
The news reached us about what happens in Vegas
Chasing fame, misplacing our praises
Working full-time on a week-vacation
The elite play while the weak pay wages
Don’t take our word, because what we say changes
The fox smiles at the hen, he can’t be dangerous
Are we getting complacent?
Stick an arm and a leg out for the leeches
The etiquette of feasting
Now we’re teaching our teachers
Give the trust to the one with the pretty features
A colony of ants turning into beetles
Taking morphine at the prick of a mosquito
We all know love is a placebo
I think we’d overdose if it was real

About the Author: Rami Salah is a writer from Montreal, Canada. He graduated with a Master’s in Occupational Therapy. His interests include Islamic spirituality, poetry, and Arabic.

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