Prayers from the Pious


All Praise belongs to You, My Lord, Most High,
O' One with Whom is Majesty refined,
O' One with Whom belongs Honor and Light
As such befits the Glory of Your Face
And Great Your limitless Exalted Grace.
O' One Who is The Ever-Existing,
O' One Who is The Ever-Sustaining,
Originator of the boundless worlds
And heavens which like scrolls you will then furl.
O' You who knows the seen and things unseen,
O' You who knows the heavens and between,
O' You, our eyes will always fail to see,
And never mixed are You with weightless doubts,
And stay above beyond the worlds of faults.
And men describe yet fail, My Lord Most High,
To try describe Your Majesty and Light.
You Are, O Lord, beyond all changes made,
Unchanging One, but changes all things made,
You fear oppressors not, yet they should You.
The weights of pillars set, O Lord of Truth,
The weights of mountains firm escape You not,
The weights of measured seas elude You not,
The weights of dripping rains evade You not,
And counts of drops that pour above our hearts.
The leaves that spread to soak the light You share;
Their count You Know, My Lord, The All-Aware.
The darkest beast in darkness lives and breathes,
The darkness shrouds, yet not for You unseen,
And endless light that shines in boundless Grace;
Their praise yet shy, My Lord, to You All-Praise.
Your light complete, and so You guide, to You All Praise,
Forbearance great in Might and Grace, to You All Praise,
You held Your Hand to give, My Lord, to You All Praise.
Your Face the Noblest Face with Great Prestige
Bounties bestowed are wondrous and complete,
You are obeyed, then grant from what You please,
Then disobeyed and pardon as You please,
And You respond in strife and grant relief.
You heal the sick and free Your slaves from strife,
You hear, then wipe all sins however rife.
My Lord, and By the sins incurred so great,
I ask of You and Your Forgiveness Great,
Its Greatness greater than the sins I've made,
And with a small amount of it, My King,
I beg of You, erase the sins I hate.
I beg of You to punish not my tongue
That which informs of fear and songs we've sung,
My eye that looks towards Your Grace and signs
And knowledge spread to grace our wistful minds,
And hands that write of tales of prophets sent,
So by Your Honor, save me from the fire's scent.
And by the storms that rage from anger great,
I've tasted Your Strength, O' One most Great,
So here I stand my soul is nearly broken,
I raise my hands; so show me Your Great Pardon,
And Write for me rewards that are but good,
Remove my sins and wipe their traces good,
And stow their truth as treasures with You
As once You did for grateful slave, Dawud.


And You alone I worship and ponder in awe,
And You alone I ask for help and call,
My Lord, my Guide, You are the light that guides.
Please show me truth as truth and light that shines,
And guide my soul so I may seek its path.
And show me false as false to flee your wrath,
And free me from an end in fire’s bath.
O' Teacher of the wisdoms You've bestowed
I ask of You to teach me what You've taught of those:
The sweetest fruits You shared from Love Divine:
So of Your endless Grace I will remind.
I ask of You, The King of Kings Most High,
Let not the threads of faith that bathe in light
Unravel forth and fall in deep despair,
But bathe me in delight of all affairs,
Delight from light from Your untold supply,
And sit with slaves You love and raised up high.
My Lord, My King, My Master holding firm,
To none I ask as there is none to turn.
I'm but a wistful slave with whims who shake,
And fruitless wants that long for souls to take,
And filled with empty worlds who've lost Your Gifts,
So save me from a life without Your Bliss.
And You are You, and I am me, My King:
You are the One, The Ever-Forgiving,
I am Your slave who's ever in need,
And so, O' Lord of Love, forgive me please!
I ask for Mercy on my standings at night,
And whimpers from my hunger and my plights,
And thirstiness endured to but remind;
Have Mercy on my soul, My King Most High.
You said, Submit! And his reply affirmed,
My Lord, I try yet fail, I ask of You to turn,
O' One Who Turns the hearts set firm my heart,
Allow of me to yield to Your decrees
And let me live but pleased with loving decrees.
I ask of You, My Lord, upon my soul,
I ask of You, My King, who holds my soul,
I ask of You and by the tales You've told,
O' You Who gives without an end at all,
Reward me of the patient ones who call
And of the grateful slaves You've let to awe.
If You have written me amongst the blessed
Afirm me in amongst the ones You've blessed.
And if You've done so 'midst the sinful men
And if You've done so midst the spiteful men,
And if You've done so 'midst the men You've damned,
And 'midst the ones who fail to understand,
Then wipe it clean, affix me of the blessed,
O' One Who Writes, O' Lord of East and West.
The Mother of The Books, with You it stays,
You wipe and write of all You will and say.


I was sincere to slaves in public space,
And cheated myself with concealed embrace.
Excuse of me, Your Grace, of my disgrace
And shamefulness when eyes would fail to see,
But not a thing escapes what You can see,
So free me from disgrace, O' Gracious One,
In honor of the slaves for whom the things I’ve done:
A work sincere for You and You alone,
So make me one who's more than what is known,
And pardon me for what is then unknown
And pardon me of what they say of me
O' Lord of Truth, O' Lord of things unseen.
I ask of You to veil my horrid sins,
And my disgraceful whims that come with winds.
O' One Who's veiled, I ask of You to veil,
My faulty ways and insufficient states.
Please veil my flaws with Your Magnificence,
And veil me with Your veil Magnificent,
You are the beautiful and yet the veiled,
So place beneath the veil that which will please.
And just as though Your Grace has made me so:
You've blessed my face You've made with beauty whole;
I ask of You, O' One Most Beautiful,
Please make my inward state as beautiful,
And make my character as beautiful.
O' King of Kings, You are the Merciful,
You love to pardon slaves and spare in full,
I ask of You to spare me from Your test,
I ask to spare from tests that I'll not best,
And write for me, My Lord, an ease sincere.
I ask of You, For slaves You've blessed with gifts,
With stations raised by Your Exalted Wish,
From burdens placed upon their souls and wills;
Please grant for me the stations raised up high,
But spare my soul from trials through my life.
The burdens borne by slaves You've made to laud,
The burdens borne by me, Your slave in awe,
Relieve me of their weight, My Lord Supreme,
But let the thoughts of it not ever leave,
So I, Your slave, remind and will recall;
You do but which will please, O' Lord of All.
I take an oath with You, and You I ask
Originator of worlds both now and past,
O' You who knows the seen and things unseen.
I swear and witness that leaving me to me,
Then You have then spared me from Your Greatest Good,
Enjoined with me all the harms I’d hate.
Do not forbid me with the good You have in store,
And save me from the ills within my soul.
My Lord, You save Your slaves who call upon,
So save my soul from greeds inside my heart.
There is no one but You to whom I turn,
And I have nought but confidence set firm
In Mercy from You, The Merciful,
And You, My King, maintain Your vows in full.


When stars recede and tired eyes have closed
When kings on earth have closed their flimsy doors
At night when sleep becomes the king of man and beast,
My King, Your door is open for whom You please
As You permit Your slaves to enter through
Your doors you keep for seekers of Your Truth.
Your tired slaves who walk on through Your gates
As lovers strive to find with You their place,
As lovers strive to find a private space
With You, My Lord, their most belov’d and loved
And whom they see within their hearts
And wish to nay be split apart,
So here I stand, O’ King, with all my heart
Within the privacy You have bestowed,
I call upon but You, My Lord, to show!
As night departs for day arrives yet bright,
I wish to know if You accept my nights,
The nights I stood and wept, and asked for help
When feet grew numb and eyes grew wet.
When slaves all sleep and leave Your light;
You show in nights gone cold and moonless nights.
I wish to know if You accept my nights,
Or if my nights You turned away, My Lord,
So I may be ashamed then to you, return.
By Your Exalted Might and Radiant Light,
To You alone, O’ King, I will commit.
I swear by You, if You rebuke my sins
I swear by You, my will shall never thing,
As I keep knocking on Your Mercy’s Gates,
I swear upon my life You hold, Your Grace,
Besides Your Grace, naught else I’ll know
Or feel within despite all deathly throes. \
I seek respite in You, away from Your Great Wrath
So let me die with those who trekked the noble paths:
The paths they took and in their stations raised,
So in my final breaths, O’ Lord of Love,
You know my Love for You as You have let me Love.
I ask to make the best of life the end,
The best of deeds the last of them,
The best of days the day I meet You, my King.
So bless my meeting with You, my Gentle King.

Photo Credit: Photo by Hasan Almasi on Unsplash

About the Author: J. citykey was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, and is currently pursuing a degree in the applied sciences. He has been writing poetry since he was 13, and consistently since the age of 21. He takes from the likes of Percy Shelly and Homer, and more recently from the likes of Mawlana Rumi, Allama Iqbal, and other mystic poets.

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