I Wandered Stray Throughout The Land…

I wandered stray throughout the land

And raced across the burning sand

My mind had sought to seek the sight

That strips the veil of darkened night

My quest had sent me far and wide

A journ’ at times without a stride

I spent my nights by Kaabah’s walls

And days in idol-houses halls

I too was swinging like a corpse

From end to end to endless doors

At times with books, at times with thoughts

At times in search of saintly sports

Some days were spent with pen in hand

And many passed in barren land

I wandered in the wilderness

And found the world of restlessness

Recoiling in myself like waves

Roaming like the desert whirlwinds

A journ’ without a guide I found

For which there was no end nor bound

It was an endless pit- abyss!

I sought the end of answers- bliss!

Around the streets I roamed on end

Within my hand, a cup I held

Aloof from Man, the wine I sought

Was rare- with gold cannot be bought

Until, at last, your love arrived!

A crack of dawn to leave behind

The cold and dark, the starless night

Which was itself in search of light

Your love had blown the stormy cloud

and spread the sunray you endowed

Its spark assailed my inner pot

And freed it from the Gordian knot

It was your love that set me free

It was your love that let me be!

You gave my blinded bud an eye

And taught my shackled soul to fly!

The idol-house was now no more

It had become a shrine so pure

You gave me gifts of silent joy

And brought to life an empty toy

In rapture, I was off my feet

And from myself became discrete

The force of what you taught my heart

Had blessed me with another art

You turned my darkness into light

And threw my dust to heavens height

My stranded ship had found a port

From endless seas a shore was caught

So now I have no tale to share

Since lovers robe I came to wear

The words of Men are now but naught

For every need one seeks, you brought

Your love, my love, has placed a seed

To love, to burn, to melt and bleed!

Photo Credit: Photo by Ruben Gutierrez on Unsplash.

About the Author: Muhammad Umair holds an LL.B and LL.M in Law (University of Birmingham). He is also a student of classical Islamic sciences. He has a wide range of interests including spirituality, history, philosophy and international relations. In his spare time he enjoys playing Cricket and traveling. He tweets at @MUmair_92.

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